Ally Waste Recycling Guidelines

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General Recycling Information

Recycling programs can generally be broken down into 3 main types:

Commingled (or Single Stream) System

A commingled system is a method of recycling where all recyclable materials are collected together, but kept separate from regular garbage. This reduces the cost of cleaning at the recycling facility, but does require education and assistance from the public to properly sort recyclable materials.

Single stream recycling image

Commingled Types

Commingled recycling can be further broken down based on the capabilities of your city’s facilities.

Plastics, Metal, Glass, and Papers

Plastics including bottles and caps, single use plastic containers and utensils, aluminum, tin, steel, and aerosol cans, glass bottles and jars, and mixed papers, including cardboard and cartons can be commingled.

PLastics, Metal, and Papers

Source Separation

Source separation involves separating different types of recyclable materials at the source before collection takes place. This method requires less cleaning at the recycling facility and results in higher-quality recyclables. However, it also requires more education and effort from the public to properly sort their waste. In the past, source separation was preferred, but advancements in sorting technology have made other methods relatively cost-effective.

Separation recycling image

Mixed Waste Collection

Mixed waste collection involves collecting all types of waste, including recyclable materials, in one container. The materials are then sorted and cleaned at a recycling facility. This method reduces the cost for the city as they do not have to pay for separate collection of recyclables and eliminates the need for the public to separate their waste, but results in significantly higher amounts of waste recyclables.

Mixed recycling image