Our Process

Uniformed Valets take your bagged trash from doorstep to dumpster 5-7 Nights per week:

  • Collection begin promptly at the scheduled time (usually 8:00pm) on collection day
  • Residents place their Ally Waste trash receptacle outside their unit each night prior to the collection time
  • Residents are responsible to return their trash can inside before 9:00AM the following morning.


Clean Communities

Before leaving the community, Ally Waste Valets make sure common areas and pet waste stations are checked. We also ensure that loose debris is collected. We make sure that your community is one you are proud to call home!

Reliable and Consistent Service

Our commitment to offering competitive employee benefits and incentives allows us to employ and retain a clean-cut and professional staff. All of our valets are well-trained and W2 employees. Our investment in our workforce enables us to provide the most consistent and reliable service in the industry.


    Resident at Window
    Bright Living Room

    No More

    Trash-Filled Walkways
    Shuttling Trash in and on top of Your Car
    Late-Night, Long Walks to the Dumpster
    Lugging Garbage down the Stairs

    No More

    Trash-Filled Walkways

    No More

    Shuttling Trash in and on top of Your Car

    No More

    Late-Night, Long Walks to the Dumpster

    No More

    Lugging Garbage down the Stairs

    Understanding my service

    If your community is a partner with Ally Waste you will receive an Ally Waste branded waste bin upon move in or start of service. Depending on the service plan your community has, our professional valet teams will service your door 5 – 7 nights / week, collecting waste according to your community’s service guidelines.

    Guidelines are typically as follows:

    •  2 bag limit per night
    • Cardboard boxes broken down
    • No loose trash
    • Trash out by start time
    • Trash bag tied, free of tears or leaks
    • No bulk items
    • 15 lb. weight limit
    • Trash put out in provided waste bin

    Please refer to your leasing office for your detailed pickup guidelines.

    Resident FAQs

    I did not get a container, or my container is damaged or lost. How can I get a new one?

    Your community leasing office assigns, distributes and tracks the Ally Waste containers for their residents, so please request one from your leasing office.

    I do not want this Ally Waste container. Can you please come and pick it up?

    Your community leasing office assigns and tracks your apartment unit’s container. The doorstep trash collection service that your community management selected does require that the container always be used for sanitary and aesthetic reasons. If you prefer to not use it, please contact your leasing office.

    How much do I have to pay for this service? Do I receive a Bill?

    Ally Waste is contracted by your property management and does not bill individual residents. You will need to direct this type of question to your community leasing office.

    Recycling Collection Questions

    How does the Ally Waste recycling program work?
    Recycling is picked up along with your regular trash, on the same schedule and by the same valet, five nights per week. Simply bag and tie your recyclables in blue bags and place them in your Ally Waste container along with your bag of regular trash.

    When the service valets dispose of the trash they collect, they will place the regular trash into the compactors, but the blue recycling bags are placed into the special recycle bins that are provided for that purpose.

    Is there an additional cost for recycling?

    No there is not. We are concerned about the health of our planet, and thus offer free collection and processing of household recyclables as a way to improve our environment.

    What materials can be put into the blue bags?

    We accept all paper and cardboard items, including milk & juice cartons, all plastic containers #1-7, tin and aluminum cans, empty aerosol cans, bottles and jars. Please make sure that none of these items are jagged, sharp or could endanger the safety of the collectors who pick them up. These items can also be mixed together in the same bag – they will be separated later at the recycling processing facility.

    Is it okay if all my bags do not fit inside the container?

    Yes, that is understandable – just as long as you do put your container out and you do use it for whatever bags will fit into it. Extra bags can be stacked inside the container with the lid open. Please do not, however, put them directly on the floor because they can sometimes cause stains.

    Common Issues

    1. Putting trash out too late
    • Collection begins promptly at the scheduled time (usually 8:00 PM). If trash is set out even a few minutes past the collection time, the valet could have already passed by your unit.
    2. Bringing the container back in too soon
    • Valets are permitted to work as late as midnight (depending on the trash volume, as well as the size and layout of your community, it may sometimes take as long as 3-4 hours for our valets to complete the collection)
    • Residents are permitted to leave their containers out overnight (but are asked to bring them back into the unit the following morning before 9:00 AM).
    3. Trash disposal protocol not followed
    • To reduce the possibility of a mess while our valets are collecting the trash, we ask that the following collection protocol be followed:
      • All trash must be bagged, tied and in an Ally Waste container
      • Trash bags must be less than 15 pounds and free of leaks or rips
      • Pet waste should be double bagged
      • Cardboard boxes must be broken down
    I followed all those procedures and my trash still was not picked up!

    We do apologize for this inconvenience. Please call Ally Waste at 1-877-689-ALLY (2559) so that this issue can be documented and forwarded to your community’s Ally Waste manager. Residents can also contact our customer service team directly at